Thursday, March 12, 2009

To You

Hey you, a someone in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

What are you doing there? Are you working for an oil and gas company? Or are you just fishing there?

Have you used yourself to that kind of environment? Are you afraid of the dark when it covers the whole universe at night? Are you afraid of the waves when they hit your shelter at night? Does it comfort you when you are floating beneath a blanket of stars?

What is your feeling when the first glance of light appear from the horizon every morning? How do you feel when the last ray of light sinking into the ocean?

Have you seen the whale? Are they amazing animals? Do you wish to fly like the seabirds sometimes?

Do you miss the life on the mainland? Do you miss the feeling of stepping on a solid ground? Do you miss the smell of flowers in the spring time? Do you miss the scent of rain hitting the soil?

How do you find my blog? Do you underastand Chinese? Do you like my writings?

I wish you happy, stranger.

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