Monday, January 09, 2006

Sorry, that was lame

I was at a indie music fest called Street Roar @ KLPAC just now.

I particularly like this band from Malaysia called Ice-Cream Citizen (Xue Gao Guo Min). The music that they play was very moody, using guitars, drums to mix with some electro sounds.

I was sitting down with my frenz listening to their music. The air was cool. Rain stopped 20 minutes ago.

Out of sudden, the melody just hit me. I looked at the colorful spot lights and I thought of you. Don't know why? Perhaps it was KLPAC and the cool breeze. The images of you and those past incidents just played in my mind like a sad love movie.

The music ended. I stayed silent and stared at the ground, for a very long time ...

I am sorry, that was lame, I know.