Monday, April 26, 2010

Post Hotaru/Fireflies

First thing, life is back to normal. I can go watch movie, can hang out with friends, or simply stay home and be a couch potato.


It seemed so fast. 2 months of rehearsal felt like 2 weeks. From strangers, we become friends and then, we parted.


Hotaru is different from other productions I did before. When we first did the reading, it was so dull. We looked at each other and thought:"What? How to perform this?" To be frank, it wasn't easy in the beginning. Well, everything is, ain't it? But gradually, once we started to understand the story more, and put up a scene, interesting details started to pop up.


Howie (played by Mark Beu DeSilva) and Vincent (played by me) are good friends. Their interactions always reminded me and my best pal, LX. We were roomates before, we fought and we laughed, sharing each other's good and bad feelings. Just like Howie and Vincent.
In scene 4, when Howie said:"You are getting on my nerve!", Vincent replied:"Yer Yer Yer, don't get so defensive."
"Yer Yer Yer" is actually something LX liked to use in his daily conversation when he disagree or teasing on something. I stole that trick and used it here. :)


In the beginning, I didn't know anybody besides Gowri. I was so brave, I went for the audition and accepted the role. I knew I would have to work with a bunch of strangers. There was a small fear, asking me:"Is it ok that we work with them? We don't event know them." For a while only. Then I just moved on and went for it. There's nothing holding me back now.


In the early stage of rehearsal, we were separetd by groups, based on each scene. Even if 2 groups were reaheasring on the same day, we didn't get to communicate to each other on things other than the play.
Only at the later stage of rehearsal, the scenes were put together and everybody gathered in the same space. We started to know each other. I think our friendship really boom after the preview to Joe and Farida.


Working with Doppo the director is easy and hard.
Easy because he is a great actor himself, when he wanted something from us, not only he could eleborate verbally to us, he could also act it out. That made it clear and easy for us actors.
Hard is his demand for us. He required a lot of deep emotions from us because for Hotaru, the words soemtimes were meaningless. What's important was the emotion one hold.
He also taught us a breathing exercise which I really found it amazing. After few sets, you could really feel your voice become bigger and easy to project.


Then there's Adel, my soul sister. We just knew each other, but I guess there's something in us that attracted each other i.e. Our ability to appreaciate the drakness or dark side of life.
It's like standing under the sun, but we could see the beauty of moon.
We brought laughter around and at the same time, you could sense a peach black river flowing through. I like this methaphore.


When Doppo told me "Vincent is the only character that could express his emotions openly." I wasn't quite understand. Until the very end of rehearsal, 2 weeks before show, it suddenly made sense to me. Vincent would be the one character that lit up the scene when he's on stage. And he did. I am proud of him.


Deep down inside my heart, i really like this production. I hope it will re-run. (Mark & Nur:"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!")
I miss you guys, always.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Great

I think this is great.

After a funny movie, I was driving along, in the rain, listening to Corrine Bailey Rae latest album.

It is great.

Life, is.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hotaru / Fireflies

Two lovers in a relationship they don't want to be in, a couple slowly drifting apart, a student in search of herself, an office boy who longs to have his best friend's life and a deluded businessman who just wants some fun and adventure. Each of these 7 characters have a story to tell - a story about relationships. Written by award-winning Japanese Playwright, Suzue Toshiro, the play draws our attention to the hurdles we face in our everyday relationships.

Despite the overwhelming emotions they feel deep inside, they all struggle to put it to words. Their emotions burst into light and extinguish, seemingly at random just like the magical insects they go in search for... Fireflies (HOTARU).

Date: 21 April @ 8pm (preview); 22 - 24 April @ 8pm; 24 – 25 April @3pm
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot 10
Tickets: RM23 flat (preview); RM33 and RM23 (students)
Written by: Toshirou Suzue
Directed by: Doppo Narita
Featuring: Mark Beau de Silva, Nur Zakuan, Season Chee, Gowri Paary, Wong Wai Hoong, Paranee Damodran & Adel Yap

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Moment

There's a moment in every rehearsal that I truely enjoy.

It's when you are so familiar with the scripts and with each cast member, that you tend to quote each other's lines in your daily conversasion. Whether or not it's appropriate, the fun part is you could just use any line from the script in any kind of situation.

:) That's my favorite moment!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I heart my office

I used to drag myself to work. But those were the days, now I actually looking forward to work. Partly is because I am a workaholic (!!!), partly is because my office is filled with fun and wacky people.

And the followings are just what happen within a day, today to be exact.


Sex Talk at the Pantry
I bumped into our secertary at the pantry, and I greet her:"Hey morning, baby girl!"
"Oh good morning, my favorite man in the office." She replied, and continue to said:"Oh so nice, you are spreading positive energy early morning."
Then William and Joey stepped in, the secretary turned around and said to William:"Oh another one of my favorite men in the office."
She then said to three of us:"You know, when you are spreading positive aura, you are also giving out sex appeals!"
Joey then said:"Meaning you are giving out the "Come F**k Me"signal?"
Ok, I don't think that's considered sexual herrestment since this is between 2 heterosexual women.


No handphone = ???
Joey lest her phone at the car, she had a peaceful morning. On the way to lunch, she suddenly realised something and give her deepest thoughts:"No handphone is so care free, just like not wearing a panty." (!!!!!!!)



William is going to Korea today, so he's going to buy some mask to use in the plane, he had slight fever and some flu for a few days already.
William:"Ok, while waiting for the food to come, I shall go buy mask."
Tammy:"Mask??? Aren't you going to Korea today, buy there la!"
-_-III Errrrrr we are not talking about beauty mask here, Ms. T, it's MASK to cover your mouth!
Hence, Ms. T wins again, this round!


See what I mean? I just adore my office people! *wink

Sunday, April 04, 2010

S' Wear: 50

Before show starts @
"Wait a Minute... Love"

Top: Giordano "Zebra: Save Me" t-shirt
Jacket: Indu Homme
Pants: Zara Jeans
Shoes: Zara
*special thanks to Hew Leong Wai for this fabulous photo.

Thursday, April 01, 2010