Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hotaru / Fireflies

Two lovers in a relationship they don't want to be in, a couple slowly drifting apart, a student in search of herself, an office boy who longs to have his best friend's life and a deluded businessman who just wants some fun and adventure. Each of these 7 characters have a story to tell - a story about relationships. Written by award-winning Japanese Playwright, Suzue Toshiro, the play draws our attention to the hurdles we face in our everyday relationships.

Despite the overwhelming emotions they feel deep inside, they all struggle to put it to words. Their emotions burst into light and extinguish, seemingly at random just like the magical insects they go in search for... Fireflies (HOTARU).

Date: 21 April @ 8pm (preview); 22 - 24 April @ 8pm; 24 – 25 April @3pm
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Lot 10
Tickets: RM23 flat (preview); RM33 and RM23 (students)
Written by: Toshirou Suzue
Directed by: Doppo Narita
Featuring: Mark Beau de Silva, Nur Zakuan, Season Chee, Gowri Paary, Wong Wai Hoong, Paranee Damodran & Adel Yap


BOON said...

Sound interesting. Can I be the businessman anyway? I think I know what he wants the most. Wish you all the best!

seasonc said...

hahaha Boon, i bet cha. but our business man is a very handsome hunk wor, can u beat that?