Thursday, April 08, 2010

I heart my office

I used to drag myself to work. But those were the days, now I actually looking forward to work. Partly is because I am a workaholic (!!!), partly is because my office is filled with fun and wacky people.

And the followings are just what happen within a day, today to be exact.


Sex Talk at the Pantry
I bumped into our secertary at the pantry, and I greet her:"Hey morning, baby girl!"
"Oh good morning, my favorite man in the office." She replied, and continue to said:"Oh so nice, you are spreading positive energy early morning."
Then William and Joey stepped in, the secretary turned around and said to William:"Oh another one of my favorite men in the office."
She then said to three of us:"You know, when you are spreading positive aura, you are also giving out sex appeals!"
Joey then said:"Meaning you are giving out the "Come F**k Me"signal?"
Ok, I don't think that's considered sexual herrestment since this is between 2 heterosexual women.


No handphone = ???
Joey lest her phone at the car, she had a peaceful morning. On the way to lunch, she suddenly realised something and give her deepest thoughts:"No handphone is so care free, just like not wearing a panty." (!!!!!!!)



William is going to Korea today, so he's going to buy some mask to use in the plane, he had slight fever and some flu for a few days already.
William:"Ok, while waiting for the food to come, I shall go buy mask."
Tammy:"Mask??? Aren't you going to Korea today, buy there la!"
-_-III Errrrrr we are not talking about beauty mask here, Ms. T, it's MASK to cover your mouth!
Hence, Ms. T wins again, this round!


See what I mean? I just adore my office people! *wink

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♥ 欣 ♥ said...

u have a group of funny colleagues~they're really adorable~=D