Thursday, November 23, 2006


好友转寄一封电邮给我。既然我才疏学浅兼政治冷感,写不出什么,只好转贴这封电邮,表示支持。希望看到的朋友可以在各自的 blog 给一点意见或或转贴以下文章以示支持。谢谢。

Bloggers Alert: Save Nanyang Siang Pao from becoming UMNO’s sacrifice!

Nanyang Siang Pao has apparently become the sacrifice lamb for UMNO representatives’ inflammatory speeches in its Assembly. It is alright for UMNO representatives to air their grievance but not for other Malaysians to register their dissatisfaction of these speeches.
Remember the nude-squat gate? The morale of the story is the same: the bad guy can do whatever bad things, but the media must not report it, else, all blames go to the press.

For its cover story on last Sunday (19/10/2006), “UMNO representatives’ excessive speeches slammed by Chinese associations and parties”, the newspaper has invoked the wrath of UMNO senior politicians. The Cabinet meeting today will determine the penalty for Nanyang Siang Pao. (See the report by Merdeka Review,

We call upon all bloggers to express support on this cause:- write a brief blog post, making your stand on issue of press freedom and news censorship.- Paste this yellow ribbon (the symbol of the campaign for press freedom in Malaysia, adopted since May 2001) icon at prominent places on your blog, eg. Sidebar. Please add phrases like “Support Malaysian Press Freedom”

This would allow the readers to read the “Support Nanyangt Siang Pao” message when they point the mouse cursor at the yellow ribbon icon.
- Email this news to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Remember we can make a difference. Nanyang is now being abducted to the back lane, the thugs hope that no one pays notice or cares to intervene. If we freedom-loving citizens of Malaysia and the world do, and we walk into the back lane for her rescue, the thugs will have no choice but to flee. Please save Nanyang Siang Pao from UMNO’s assault! We have enough victims of the thuggery.

From Ong Chin Huat
president of WAMI

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