Wednesday, April 04, 2007


很多時候, 我們不認識某個人, 經由別人的詮釋, 難免會造成誤解.
比如瑞強, 我們都叫他 "強哥" 或 "阿爸".
第一次真正認識他, 和他合作是在 "The Girl from Ipoh" 這部劇, 才知道原來他沒有傳言中'可怕'. 反而, 他為人還真的謙卑, 常常樂于分享, 心得或食物.
不過聽說, 他對自己的弟妹們是很嚴厲/肅的. 這是他妹妹爆的料. 他妹妹在我還沒認識他之前的一部劇幫我們化妝.
現在強哥有新戲(演出)了, 我的好朋友, 阿 Berg也有演, 大家去看吧.

Title : The Curse of the Forbidden Palace

Featuring the talents of Lee Swee Keong, Kiea KuanNam, Caecar Chong, Ooi Huei Si, Ng Chor Guan, Loh KokMan, Au Sow Yee, Patrick Yap and Berg Lee.

Venue : The Annexe @ Central MarketJalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur

Date & Time : Thu 5 - Sat 7 Apr 2007 (8.30pm)

Tickets : RM38/ RM24 (students)

Ticket Contact :
Tickets available at Central MarketInformation Counter: 03-2274 2757
Cha-No-Yu Tea Art,No.9, Jln Balai Polis: 03-2026 7599 Phone : 012-366 9256/ 012-207 5140/ 012-656 0812

A concubine-turned-tyrant, Empress Dowager CI XI ruledover the last years of the Qing Dynasty, and wasconsidered responsible for the downfall of ImperialChina.The Curse of the Forbidden Palace is based on thedramatic life story of this very Empress, and presentsher in three tableaus: a strong-willed puppet-masterin the court, a lady at play in her private garden,and a woman standing on the roof of the ForbiddenPalace, surveying all that she has – and has not.This multi disciplinary production is curated byexperimental arts troupe Nyoba Kan, who aims topioneer new forms of dance theatre in Malaysia. Theyfuse elements of butoh, mediation and Zen philosophy.They have pulled together a new set of artists fromvarious disciplines, each acclaimed in his own field,to search for new possibilities in performing art inthis production.Occupying all three rooms of the Top Floor of TheAnnexe, The Curse of the Forbidden Palace featuresbutoh dance, performance art, original music, lightinstallation, art installation and other artisticpossibilities.


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