Sunday, February 27, 2011


From contemporary musical to most heritage comedy, klpac’s Resident Director, Kimmy Kiew will be directing a modern Japanese play written Yoichi Kobiyama. An urban comedy with over thirty characters that reflect the realities of city life – full of mystery, ridiculous situations, loneliness, humour and of course, romance.

Two road construction workers were going about their work when they suddenly heard tapping sounds from somewhere. It didn’t take them long to realise that it was in fact Morse code! The code translated to “Anyone there? Still alive!’

Out of curiosity, the two workers started searching for the source of the signal. They followed the sound until they reached a strange apartment occupied by even stranger people. First they met a mystery man, then a rude management officer, a lonely artist lady, a night club girl and many more people. It was all highly unusual.

*Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles

一座城市里,寂靜的夜, 两个马路工程人员在工作时听见不知從何处传来的摩斯密码, 正發出求救讯号: “有谁在吗?还活着吗?”。因此他们好奇地寻找讯号的源头。结果追寻至一座公寓.
究竟摩斯密碼源自何處? 又是誰發出這個求救訊號? 到底摩斯密码跟那栋公寓频频发生的自杀事件又有何关联? <夜行動物>一步一步引領觀眾走入一个似梦境又似真实的奇幻旅程!


Date & Time:
30 March (preview) & 31 March - 1 April (8.30pm)
2 April (3pm & 8.30pm)
3 April (3pm)

Pentas 2, klpac

RM33 (adult) , RM23 (students & disabled)

RM 15 flat for Preview (30 Mar; Wed) & Saturday Matinee (2 April 2011)

Resident Directors Season Promotion:
20% off for I Am Not My Pimples + Nightlife Creatures or
30% off for I Am Not My Pimples + Nightlife Creatures + The Last Five Years + indicinelive
(applicable for adult priced tickets purchased in a single receipt only; promotions mutually exclusive; terms & conditions apply)

Presenter: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Written by: Yoichi Kobiyama
Directed by: Kimmy Kiew
Featuring: Dickson Chai, Season Chee, Abdul Qahar Aqilah, Monster Lee, Roax Tan, William Yap, Rex Teo, Robin Khor, Chong Wah Yoong张桦荣, Li Qiang理强, Gwen Yap, Tammy Yee, Paz Lim, Jinnie Lim, Angel Chang, Gigi Chiam, Ng Chooi Hong黄翠凤, Grace Looi 吕俊霖 & Won ChinYan 紫 欣


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