Wednesday, April 13, 2011

當畫面靜止的時候 我寫下這首詩

日月停止了 When the sun and the moon stand still
唯有光 是活的 Only light is alive
塵埃落定了 After the dusts touched the ground
唯有心 還在跳 Only heart, is beating

你用甚麼來衡量 光 How do you measure light
(你用甚麼來衡量 心) (How do you measure one's heart?)
吋嗎? Inches?
(一聲嗎?) (beats?)

所以放開吧 So let go
既然光是活的 心是跳的 Since light is alive and heart is still beating
無法衡量的 Can't grab hold nor be measured

瞥見陽光 I saw the Sun
隨河 disaapear into the stream
慢慢 inches by inches
流 slowly
逝 gently

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