Thursday, March 10, 2011

sashimi? smoke salmone? almond?

One day, my colleague, W came to me and said:"Oh i had lunch at xxx the other day. Their salad is so nice, the sashimi is so yummy!"
"sashimi?" I asked.
"yes, sashimi..." he confirmed.
"Is it smoke salmone?!!" I asked again.
"Oh... is that smoke salmone?" (OMG, I thought)
"Yes la, where got people put sashimi in salad one?!!"

Then later, when we were sitting down for lunch, I heard him telling another colleague:"Eh that day I had lunch at xxx, their salad is so nice, they got put SMOKE ALMOND!!!"

I was laughing 'til I dropped.

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♥ 欣 ♥ said...

OMG~ur colleague is sooooo CUTE~laugh die me~ =D