Thursday, September 17, 2009


有一天, 愛蜜莉突然想起, 跑去問媽媽.

愛: "Mummy, 阿太(太婆) die already ah?"
媽: "Yes, she old oredy mah. She is in heaven now."
愛: "Mummy, I miss her oh, hmmmm ~~~(哭了), mummy~~~."

後來, 就發生了"阿嬤don't die"事件.

又一天, 愛蜜莉看著媽媽.

愛: "Mummy, your face got spot (黑斑), you old oredy ah?"
媽: "Yes ah, I old oredy mah."
愛: "oh, you old oredy, u will die soon hor. You will go to heaven. Never mind mummy, I will miss you. I will take care of 妹妹."

轉過身, 她對妹妹說: "妹, mummy old oredy, she will die and go to heaven. Never mind, I will take care of you. We miss mummy har, 妹."
Daddy:"Don't say already la."
愛:"Why ah, why cannot say ah? We miss mummy mah, she is in heaven ..."

Daddy 三條線.


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