Sunday, June 27, 2010

雾都梦都 - 过关


话说我抵达Heathrow Airport时才早上8点多,但是人龙已经排到一圈又一圈。等了约45分钟才到我。机场老早就贴上告示牌说:“严谨的检查换来漫长的等待。我们必须严谨,所以请你们耐心等候。”显示出英国人的把话说在前头,大方利落。


C - Custom
S - Season

C: Where r u from?

S: Malaysia.

C: Is it your first time in London?

S: Yes.

C: What are you here for?

S: Holiday!!! (excitedly)

C: How many days?

S: 12 days.

C: So you will be staying in London for the entire 12 days?

S: Yes, London and Oxford... oh yeah, and 3 more days in Paris.

C: Who's address is this?

S: My frenz's

C: What nationality is she?

S: Malaysian.

C: What is she doing here?

S: Working.

C: What's her profession?

S: Hmm she works in a restaurant and she is doing part time consultancy for counselling.

C: Your occupation... it said "Radio", what is it?

S: I work for a radio station.

C: are you a DJ?

S: Haha nah, I am working in the promotion department.

C: How many days of leave do you have in a year?

S: about 25 days.

C: And you are taking 12 days?

S: Yes, I am going back on the 17th, and back to work on 21st.

(here comes the highlight) C: Why do you choose to come to London at this time, not any other time?

S: Coz I have such great offer from my frenz. I have 2 other frenz coming from HK, they are journalists. It's a work trip for them and they will be staying in Banyan Tree. I wanna stay there too, so I come!!

C: How much money do you have?

S: xxxxpounds

C: Do you have the return ticket? Can you show me?

S: Yes, sure.

(After a moment)

C: Ok, you may go.

S: Thank you!!


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