Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oiiii FOCUS!!!!

My office is full of jokes.

This morning, we were having our usual brainstorming session for client. There were Jason aka my boss, Mesh, Ramona (the account manager), Ryan, Joey and myself. We were supposed to come out with idea for the client, IKEA. But Ramona and Mesh were arguing about something else when all set to start.

My usually cool boss tried to put on his serious face and stop their conversation.

"Oiiii FOCUS people, come back here." he said.

Then he start writing on the white board, "C-I-M-B".

We all looked at him and "Hahahahahahaha" burst into laughter.

"FO~~CUS it seems!!!" We shouted and can't stop laughing.

It ended up a pleasant brainstorming session. :)

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